Kosmisk assistance

31.08.06 | 19:11 | Tim

Ifølge vores fælles horoskop, og vores fælles yndlings astrolog, er der alle mulige chancer for at få en god start på vores rejse.

Hans påstand er nemlig, med næsten videnskabelig påviselighed, at universet er med os og heldet vil tilsmile os.

Det kan ikke gå galt.

What happens to buttered toast when it accidentally falls off a table? According to folk wisdom, it’s more likely to land buttered face down, and hence create a bigger mess than if it had fallen dry side down. In a research paper published in the *European Journal of Physics,* Robert A. J. Matthews scientifically verified that this folk wisdom is accurate. Or at least it is when conditions are normal. But conditions are far from normal for you, Scorpio. Cosmic assistance and good luck are flowing your way in such abundance that they’re rendering some laws of nature temporarily irrelevant. If you knock your toast off the table each morning for the next 15 days (and it’s quite possible you will, given how excitable you are), it’s not likely to ever fall butter-side down.